Whether it's teaching kids how to drive or teaching teens how to drive, there is no shortage of opportunities for new instructors. As such, there are fewer spots available than instructors want and the competition can be fierce at times. 

However, some driving schools are making a switch from hiring male instructors to hiring female automatic driving instructor.

Female automatic driving instructors (ADI) are in high demand due to the growing trend of female drivers. Female ADIs have a few key differences from male ADIs that can make them an ideal choice for a driving instructor. 

Driving instructors are always on the lookout for the best talent to help their students learn how to drive. And with more female drivers taking the wheel, driving instructors have taken notice. Female instructors are no longer a novelty, and they are now in high demand. 

There are a few reasons why female instructors are in high demand. First, many women feel confident behind the wheel and want to teach other women how to drive. Second, female driving instruction is often seen as more credible than male instruction. 

Of course, there are some challenges that come with being a female instructor. For example, many people may not take female instruction seriously because it's not typically seen as rigorous enough. However, this isn't deterring female instructors from pursuing their dream of becoming professional driving instructors. 

In short, female instructors are a valuable asset to any driving school because they offer a unique perspective and level of knowledge that is not usually found in male instructors.