Air ducts are used for heating, ventilation, and conditioning air to transport and remove it. These airflows are vital because they provide air for exhaust and supply.

When connected to the air supply, air ducts can be used to provide ventilation air. They can provide both indoor and outdoor comfort. You can also find more about air conditioning ducting supplies ducting system, ventilation duct, boards, koolduct from various online sources.

advanced duct systems

Air ducts can be made from many materials. Metal sheets are used to make traditional duct systems. These sheets are then installed and then insulated. Most panels with rigid insulation can be installed in one place.

Pre-insulated aluminum conduit work is lightweight and easy to install. Ducts can be made in any size or shape you require.

There are several components to the duct system, including vibration isolators as well as a volume control Damper.

  • Vibration Isolators

The flexible sections of the duct system are vibration isolators. These flexible sections are typically installed right after the handler.

  • Volume Control Dampers

These dampers control the airflow volume in other areas of the duct system. These dampers can be either installed inside the duct or manually.

  • Smoke /Fire Dampers

These are found where the duct passes through a firewall or fire curtain. They are automated by an Actuator, a mechanical motor.

It is also connected to an Actuator probe. When the room is being extracted, it detects smoke coming from the ducts. When the actuator is released, the smoke damper automatically closes and then is manually opened.

These basic components are essential for a duct system's functioning.