We recommend that you transplant your clones once they have strong roots that are at least 3-5 cm long.

The cuttings usually take between 10 and 14 days to develop roots, but this varies greatly from stem to stem. You can also opt for best clones for sale in Oakland online.

Why is my cannabis clone hanging?

New cuttings hang naturally after they are taken from the mother plant. This is only part of the response of plants to cloning pressure.

Of course, once they take root, your clones will come back and grab the light.

If your clone is still hanging, go back and check the temperature and relative humidity in your dome, as well as your lights. Also, make sure you don't leave too many leaves on your clone.

Remember, it's best to leave clones with only the top two leaves. When you have checked all of these variables and they are all in place, try to support your cuttings so that they don't touch in the middle and get them wet.

Can a cannabis clone be a male?

No, female cannabis clones cannot be male. However, you can turn into a hermaphrodite. This could be a result of stress or genetics.

For example, if your parent plant tends to exhibit hermaphrodite traits, those genes will be passed on to your clone.