Before you buy parts from a local truck parts shop, be sure to ask the following questions: 

  • How long has the store been in business? 

  • What are your policies regarding returns and refunds? 

  • What is your warranty policy? 

  • What is your price policy for parts? 

  • How do you know which parts are compatible with my vehicle?

Be sure to also ask the shop about any specials or discounts they might have going on.You can also visit at to find truck part stores in your area. Ask how the parts are packaged, and if they are damaged in shipment.

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Ask if you can pick up the parts before buying them. Frequently, truck parts shops will allow you to return a specific part or the entire order if it is not the right fit. Truck parts dealers are competitive in their pricing and know that buyers want to make sure they get what they pay for. 

If a dealer can make a little more money by selling you the wrong part, they are likely to do it. Consider being flexible with your purchase of new replacement parts such as: 

  • Have them order the part when it is needed instead of waiting for it to show up at the shop; 

  • Ask for a new part before you need it;

  • If paying by check, ask the store to hold the check until the ordered part arrives at their location from the manufacturer. 

  • Ask whether or not any discounts are available.