There are many factors that influence population growth. The most important factor is the number of children a person has. If a person has more children than they can support, then their children may have to be taken away from them and put into government-run orphanages. Another important factor is the birth rate, which is how many babies each woman has in her lifetime. You can also click here to read more about the birth rate factors that are influenced by population growth.


Human Rights Key To Controlling Population Growth


If the birth rate is high, then the population will grow quickly because there are more people being born than dying. However, if the birth rate is low, then the population will grow slowly because there are fewer babies being born than dying.

Other factors that influence population growth include poverty, education, and disease. If a person is poor, they may not be able to afford food or medical care, which can lead to death. If a person does not have access to education, they may not be able to find jobs and will have fewer children. Diseases can also kill people quickly and make the population grow slowly.

All of these factors are important to consider when trying to understand population growth.