Do you have any questions about how some people are able to pass auditions, while others are turned away? You don't have to wonder anymore. The most important factor that determines the success or failure of an audition is how well audition judges are able to interpret your performance in order to meet their standards. Here are some of the things that judges are looking at in auditions for acting

Ability to display an array of emotions. 

Judges of acting auditions near you will like you to dance along with the beat. This means that when it's time to display shock, you should take your eyes as large as you can and put your hand over your mouth. In contrast, grief is expressed by displaying profound sadness and reflection. But, make it as difficult as you can not glance at the floor when you express the emotion of grief. 

Casting Auditions

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Ability to form bonds with actors, both in and out of the camera. 

Being an actor, you'll not be in the film by yourself. The ability to communicate well with other actors shows maturity and the willingness to learn from others. Make sure you treat other actors in the same way you would want them to treat you. This will reflect on the camera since many actors will offer the possibility of shooting videos together with you.


This refers to the ability to create a sense of uncertainty in your performances. Keep your audience trying to figure out what kind of person you really are due to your various reactions when faced with similar scenarios. People who are judged prefer those with several personalities as they make the show more entertaining.