Christenings are an extremely important event for babies and also for the infant's parents as well as extended family members. It is important that the baby dress appropriately for the occasion. Dresses that are suitable for a baby's christening include the christening and rompers. The romper is loose-fitting clothing that permits the infant to move around freely. 

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It is typically offered in white. White is the color associated with innocence, purity, and the newness of life. It is all the things that babies symbolize. The color is also thought of as heavenly or divine. Parents see their children as their angels, or blessings, which is why Christening rompers are ideal outfits for the event.

At the time of the christening, the baby is devoted to the Lord and the clergy participant will pray or read an inspiring passage about the importance of children to God and the obligation parents must take care of their children in a manner that improves and deepens their connection with God. 

The father and mother of the baby usually stand at the center of the congregation along with the infant and the clergy participant during the ceremony together with the baby's siblings as well as aunts and uncles, grandparents, and family members. 

The parents who choose to be the baby's godparents will be present at the ceremony too since this is typically the time when parents decide to announce the birth of their baby's Godparents to the rest of the family.

Christening rompers are usually made of cotton since it is soft fabric that is soft on the skin of a baby. It is also simple to clean the romper.