Canvas prints are designed when a digital photo is taken and then printed on a canvas instead of paper or other media. They create beautiful art functions that have the look and feel of an oil painting, but without the tedious process and drying time. This print on canvas creates a stunning way to create extraordinary memories that your household can enjoy for generations to come. While a canvas print gives you the realism that an oil painting can provide, the edges of the image are also softened to make it look more realistic.

Large wall art - how to supersize your style with large canvas prints

For centuries canvas has been the primary choice of many artists around the world. Whether oil, acrylic, or colored chalk, the canvas is the choice made by almost every artist. Although nowadays, with the dominance of digital photography, many men and women believe that paper is the best way to go. While sometimes cheaper, it lasts almost as long as a print on canvas, and you don't get the special image beauty you create when you print on canvas on a digital photo.


Not only does the difference in high photo quality and the beauty of the image itself make the choice of prints on canvas much better, there are other big differences as well. For example, paper is very weak when it comes to printing anything you want to hold on to for a certain period of time. Felt like a printed banner for a sporting event.