The bug shield is mounted in the front of the car's hood the bug shield is designed to produce a slipstream. The slipstream can push bugs or other debris across on top of the vehicle. 

Even the tiniest bits of debris could cause massive damage to your vehicle because of the speed at which the debris and/or your car could be traveling. They are designed primarily for vehicles such as trucks and SUVs. If you also want this accessory for your vehicle then you can visit jspamerica.

Best Rain Guards

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Many car models include features like sloping windshields and hoods with a downward-turning incline. This allows wind to move up as well over the tops of the car quickly. The majority of SUVs and trucks come with a hood that is flatter and more horizontal windshields. Bug shields can generate the aerodynamics needed to move these objects across the truck.

Be sure to find the right bug shield for your specific vehicle. An unsuitable model specifically for your specific vehicle or SUV might be too low for enough aerodynamics. It may also not be able to fit correctly. Installation is typically easy and will take about 15 minutes. They can be mounted using special fasteners, and tape or they could make use of existing holes on the truck.