When choosing the sink for the bathroom in your life, whether it is residential, commercial, or even industrial, it is important to know your options for different types. This can help you make a more informed decision about which type to buy for your specific needs. The three types of bathroom basins that are commonly used are rotating sinks, pedestals, and console sinks.

Below Are The Most Common Types of Sinks:

Rotating Sinks

Rotating sinks also known as countertop sinks, are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and hole configurations. They are mounted on a tabletop with visible edges that fit snugly into the table opening. When ordering this type of sink, consider whether your faucet requires a single-hole, 4-inch center set, or a standard 8-inch configuration, and be sure to order a sink of the same configuration and match.

Pedestal Sink

This is a freestanding sink that sits on its own pedestal. They are usually great for everyday use and have a nice shape. The pedestal sink is ideal for small bathrooms and dusting rooms as it saves space but doesn't offer any storage underneath. When choosing a sink with a pedestal, be sure to consider covering the exposed plumbing below.

Console Sink

The console sink combines pedestal style while offering a larger countertop. The sink and stove are one. Due to the larger countertop area, cantilever sinks are available with (2) or (4) support legs. This style offers many options for choosing the size and style of the sink; oval, rectangular, square, and round, you can choose a single or double basin. They are easy to clean and provide extra table space.