If you would like to hire a transportation company to move your car to some other location, you want to know what kind of transportation service you need. 

There are two kinds of service, open transport, and enclosed car transport. For more information about export car transport, you can click here now .

export car transport

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Since the enclosed transport is more expensive than another one, you have to know what kind of situation you need enclosed transportation. 

For this, below are some methods to enable you to determine which transport you will need, the enclosed one, or even the open one. If your car is a classic , you will need the enclosed transport, considering the protection during the car moving.

Opt for the enclosed transport if it is long-distance travel, because you could be worried about there is a major possibility of this vehicle's damage. 

Cost is going to be a critical element. Folks can give up this option just because the price is greater than another one. For this reason, you have to check out the price of both of the transports, and then you can compare them. you can decide according to your budget.

These ways could help you to make up your thoughts on deciding which type of transport is best for you. you could consider open transport, which can be more economical for people. You could take your time on checking both of those transports, till making your final choice.