Some tips to make your email marketing campaigns more productive are:

1. It Should Be Interesting

Your messages should contain lots of useful information. Your message should grab the reader's attention. Don't make it about you or send out sales pitches. Include information that is relevant and helpful to your audience. If you want to take the help of an email marketing agency, then you can contact Scale Your Brand.

Email Marketing

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If you send irrelevant sales emails, your subscribers will feel like you are sending emails to increase your sales. You will not stop them from hitting the delete button or unsubscribing. They won't bother looking at your emails anymore.

2. Provide a Visible link for unsubscribing

It might seem like a negative approach but it is actually a positive one. It makes your readers feel at ease when they feel in control of their lives and not under pressure to do anything. Don't forget to include a link to unsubscribe in your email. Failing to include a link for unsubscribing or hiding it will only lead to frustration in your subscribers and cause you to get results that are completely contrary to what you desire.

3. Request Feedback

To strengthen your relationships with your audience and improve your email marketing efforts, you need to get feedback from them. Keep asking your audience for their opinions, suggestions, and feedback. 

Email marketing programs can also provide passive feedback by allowing you to track the number of people who open your emails and click on the links. This feedbacks are vital for your ability to improve and engage with your audience.