Caring for a loved one with dementia may seem daunting for many families. When you have no clue what dementia care is, you will feel nervous, anxious, stressed out, and afraid, but don’t fret because it is normal to feel this way. 

Hence, you must prepare yourself for the challenges that lie ahead. Whether you’re a family member or a professional caregiver, you must keep in mind that an elderly with dementia needs patience. You can also help your seniors by providing them best memory care facilities for seniors in Rhode Island.

Here are some vital things you must consider when caring for an elderly loved one with dementia.

1. Establish a positive mood

More than words, your body language can convey your inner thoughts and feelings. Hence, strive hard to establish a positive mood to ensure a good interaction. Your tone of voice and facial expressions must always be pleasant, cordial, and respectful.

2. Work on getting the right attention

Before you speak, make sure you have the person’s undivided attention. Turn off all distractions like the TV, radio, or computer. Address the person by name and remind them of your relationship. Maintain eye contact to get them to concentrate on your words.

3. Respond with love

An elderly loved one with dementia feels insecure. They often feel anxious, confused, and scared. Often, they can mix up facts and remember the wrong things. As such, you need to be patient in explaining. Speak in a soothing tone and use gentle words. Hold their hand, touch them, and pat their back. Offering kindness and love will go a long way.