If you're looking for commercial photographers, there are a variety of factors to take into consideration.

  • Determine the kind of Melbourne professional photographer you need. Are you seeking architecture photography or are you trying to convey a message? Are you shooting on the ground or in studio space? Are you focused on products or people? 

  • Make a list as precise as is possible in delineating the objectives of the photoshoot shot by shot. Are all shots within the same structure or location? Will some shots be taken off-site? Are there any time limitations that must be made clear?

commercial photography melbourne

  • How long will you require the images you have created? Do they have technical expertise to shoot according to the specifications given by the home office of the client? Do they have the capacity to handle your project and meet the timeframe you have set?

  • If you can, let the photographer go on an initial site visit prior to shooting. The photographer will greatly improve the quality of the photos as well as the execution and possibly more set-ups, by using this walkthrough to serve as a dress-rehearsal for the actual shoot.

  • Find out if there are any common standards for this. If there isn't a contract signed prior to the shooting and the photographer is not able to claim a legal right to the intellectual property value of the image. This is an important aspect that must be discussed before making any decisions.

Make a list of the features you believe your project requires in terms of its use. You can also look into requesting the purchase or unlimited usage provision in the contract. You will have to pay to get this privilege.