If you look closely at the kind of revolution that the teeth whitening industry has gone through over the years, you will find that a lot has changed. 

The teeth whitening profession has become extremely popular in recent years, and it shows through the great number of teeth whitening reviews online.

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Facts which should be considered:

Right from the kind of platforms that were available to the vendors to the kind of products that are offered today to the consumers, a whole lot has been changed, turned upside down, and rejected or accepted into the fray. 

The magic of home teeth whitening kits also has its starting saga written in this decade, and so has been the story of cosmetic dentists and their business falling into decline. 

While all these stories are inter-connected, it is fascinating to watch the teeth whitening industry unfold and reveal some of the best teeth whitening practices to consumers worldwide.

For starters, the tooth whitening practices that prevailed before the home kits came into play were raw and much harsher on the teeth and gums than the home kits. 

However, the fact that home teeth whitening kits are still winning this war is because most have not compromise on quality even when bringing down the prices. 

This has encouraged others to do the same – which has made DIY tooth bleaching a lucrative affair for everyone involved – from the vendors to the consumers et al!