Here's a look at the top six  vehicle paint kits for every budget:

1. The Husky Vehicle Paint Kit comes complete with more than 1,000 paints and brushes, plus four roller covers and two tin cans of primer. It's perfect for beginners or experienced painters who want everything they need in one convenient kit.

Here, you will find information about best  vehicle paint kits for every budget.The kit costs around $40.

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2. The Wagner Vehicle Paint Kit comes with everything you need to paint your car or truck including more than 1,000 paints, 10 brushes, 10 rollers, two primers, and a spray bottle. It costs around $ 30.

3. The Griot's Garage Vehicle Paint Kit comes packaged in a durable, reusable paint bucket (for easy cleanup) and includes 2,500 paints, 5 brush sets and 10 roller covers. It’s low cost.

4. The Lukasz Gajewski Vehicle Paint Kit features a portable vacuum pump that keeps your car or truck paint job fresh and clean between coats, thanks to its built-in air compressor.

5. The American Home Products Vehicle Paint Kit is a hand mixer for all your exterior car detailing needs . It includes 500 paint colors and a 5-inch paint brush for vehicle painting. 

6. The detailer's dream is the Klean Kanteen Auto Detailing Kit it comes with a 1-gallon capacity koozie water bottle, an adjustable paint gun wiper, a cleaning cloth, five different brushes (including the one already equipped with green hook), two tin cans of waxes and dusting spray and even a 10-second sealant.