Labels are applied by hand or by a labeling machine. Usually, the superiority of a label depends on the tool, labeling machine and surface. The device for this process is different from the elements that are put into complex devices with mechanical power supplies and parts by hand.

Sometimes labeling devices are part of devices for the production of bags, machines for exchanging corrugated and folding boxes, packaging machines or construction equipment. You can also find information about label cutters at

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Leaks from the inner layer must be enough to separate the label, but not so strong that the tape is damaged or the layer breaks. Tear sensitive labels with low automatic confrontation are also issued by the machine.

Pressure sensitive labels for disturbing requirements must be installed mechanically. When making labels, there are differences between the protective rollers and the sheets. Needs are usually not so important for roller functions.

Application of the film requires pressure-sensitive adhesives with a suitable attachment to exclude traction, but the intensity of the approach is low enough to stop the guillotine from being clogged.

A machine for roll and sheet labels has been developed. Labeling speeds up to 240 labels, min. Applying a small label on the roller requires almost no mechanical lamination. As is known from pressure-sensitive testing practices, the contour adhesion test simulates the actual ordering conditions for labels. They expand on the surface with air pressure.