Drug and alcohol addiction is a dangerous lifestyle that if left alone or ignored without help the addict will ultimately end with jail, institutions or premature death for the addicted individual.

We all know someone or know someone who has a loved one addicted to drugs and/or alcohol that have spent a lot of time trying to convince them that they need professional help for their substance abuse addiction, but have been unsuccessful in their attempts.

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What are they supposed to do when they have tried everything and the one they love is still actively using their drug of choice or heavily drinking alcohol?

According to Pathway Interventions- The Drug and Alcohol Intervention Specialists, an intervention is the best way to deal with a loved one who is addicted to drug and alcohol abuse and are not willing to accept help for their addiction problem.

"There is not one person who is addicted to drugs or alcohol that enjoy living that lifestyle" said Pathway Interventions. Addiction is a painful lifestyle that affects the mind, body and spirit of each individual that is addicted.

The reason why and intervention works is the drug and alcohol intervention specialist will teach you how to approach them from a position of love and compassion that will be speaking to their core authentic self. The core authentic self is the person inside of them that is not happy living that type of lifestyle.