Granite consists of feldspar, obsidian, mica, quartz, and silica, as well as several other natural minerals. Most people choose granite countertops because of the natural beauty of a particular granite. Each slab of granite has its crystals, color variations, and depth. 

Granite does not change color, so it doesn't lose its special luster over time. The granite used for countertops and the price of the latest granite kitchen worktop at depends on the size and other factors such as Options for edges and backgrounds. 

Unique advantages increase desktop costs. Although some granite slabs are quite durable, granite itself usually doesn't hold any guarantees as it is a natural stone. However, most installers guarantee an installation.

Several substances can stain some granite countertops and these are acid chemicals, wine, and mustard oil. However, granite is heat resistant type of stone that will not crack, blister, or scratch with normal use. 

Granite can only be cleaned easily with warm water and mild detergent. There are specialty stone cleaning products you can buy for cleaning granite as well. Abrasives should not be used on granite surfaces.

Water-based formulas are commonly used to create a protective seal for the granite surface to prevent oil, water, and other substances from penetrating the granite slabs.