WPC decking, also known as composite decking, is a decking material comprised of plastic and wood. WPC is a shorthand to mean wood-plastic composite. the substance comprises 55% HDPE with additives and 45% wood fiber. 

In this post, we'll explore the principal benefits of this kind of decking. So, without further delay let's get started.

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As opposed to traditional wood decking WPC continues to gain popularity because of the multitude of benefits it could provide. There are a variety of advantages when you opt for this option over other decking options.

1. Durability

Because WPC decking is made up of plastic, it is much stronger than the other alternatives. In addition, decking is constructed to stand up to the years of wear and tear and blends effortlessly. Therefore, it is resistant to many elements that can affect the lifespan of the decking.

2. Low Maintenance

With regards to WPC decking, there's no need to fret about staining, painting, or sanding. All you have to do is a little cleaning with water and soap to ensure that the decking will last for a long time to be.

3. Installation

In the case of installation be aware of the fact that WPC decking is among the most effective options. The substructure first needs to be laid out to allow for adequate drainage beneath the deck. 

In addition, the subframe must be laid in such a manner that it has a slope of approximately 1percent from the walls. It must also be laid a lengthwise.