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How to Effectively Recycle Expanded Polystyrene Foam In Sydney?

EPS is one of the most hotly debated materials when it comes to recycling. The main ingredient air itself is very flexible, effective in reducing product damage, and inexpensive. However, the same properties make recycling more expensive because it takes up a lot of space.

In addition, its low weight makes it easily swept away by wind or water, which exacerbates the plastic problem in the oceans. The good news is that EPS is recyclable, although it is expensive.

There are two types of expanded polystyrene recycling: expanded and extruded polystyrene. Polystyrene itself is a form of plastic, a polymer that can be extruded or expanded.

The catering industry is a major consumer of this product and produces stable, protective and insulated bowls, cups and containers. These properties also make it the packaging material of choice for protecting shipping products.

EPS is an attractive material for product packaging because it is strong but light, is an effective insulator, and its structure protects the product from impact damage. In addition, EPS uses less energy and water to produce than paper alternatives.

The high cost of transporting polystyrene waste makes recycling companies reluctant to recycle. Companies that receive large quantities of EPS foam (especially in packaging) can invest in sealants that reduce product volume. Recyclers pay more for sealed products, making investments relatively easy to amortize.

What is a Waffle Pod Slab?

Waffle slab is a reinforced concrete base and slab system built on the floor. They consist of a circular base (edge beams) and a series of narrow inner beams (buttress strips) with a nominal width of one meter in length, which extend in each direction. The entire foundation and good quality waffle pod slab system is built on the ground.

Once the house is finished with waffle panels, a floor is built around the panels by the builder to reduce the height of the panels above the surrounding ground. The waffle pods are used nowadays for building the homes or commercial places for good surface strength. 

The waffle sheet achieves its strength by changing its height above the floor. The higher the slab is above the ground, the deeper the beam will be. The deeper the bars, the more difficult the system.



-Relatively light, therefore lower base cost and economical longer distances

-Construction speed

-Relatively thin soil depth

-Blessed you

-Excellent vibration control

-thermal mass

-Good for service integration

-Sustainable coating


In the building world there is definitely room for a waffle iron. Waffle boards work best on nearly level surfaces, with natural or controlled fill floors that have good surface strength and where the natural surface of the floor slopes in all directions from the outside of the building.

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