As we all know water is the most essential part of our daily life and without water one cannot survive. So make sure that you are drinking germ free and purified water. If you are looking for an affordable and portable solution for safe drinking water then you must go for a UV-C portable water bottle. 

UV-C light bottles are the self-cleaning water bottles that use the UV light to clean the water as well as the interior surface of the bottle. This technology is used to kill the bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms inside the bottle so as to make the drinking water safe. You can check more information about this advanced technology product on


This UV light gets on only when the cap is fully on, so that radiation can not enter your eyes. There are many companies that manufacture UV-C cleaning water bottles. But one must do online search and check reviews so as to have a good quality product. 

 These portable water bottles are very useful if you are travelling to a place with poor water quality. If you are a person who loves to travel then all you need is a UV- C bottle to make your travel hassle free and convenient.