The real estate market in Australia is on the up and in particular the stunning city of Sydney. Sydney is the largest financial and corporate center in Australia. 

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Property in Sydney is a valued commodity, as they have the highest median house price of any Australian city. International property investors would be able to compare the cost of housing to that of California in the United States. 

Those looking to invest in overseas property would be keen to invest in property that can be rented out to those in these areas. Famous beaches in the area include Bondi Beach, Manly Beach, Palm Beach, and Cronulla Beach.

The property along these beaches is some of the best real estates in the city. Suburbs such as Manly or Mosman are in high demand. 

Australia offers investment property in the form of city apartments that are easily let to city workers. My advice is to seek out a reliable Australian real estate agent after all Sydney property is an Australian thing.