Everyday readiness is the basic foundation of survival. Humans have practiced readiness for thousands of years and it is common

Some important that you will definitely want to keep handy in order to be fully prepared include the following. You can also know more about best pocket multi-tool of 2020 at Safety Hunters.

A blade

A daily carry knife should be comfortable, easily accessible, and kept in good condition. Keeping your knives sharp blade is simple to do and will only take about 15 minutes a week.

You must be a utility knife first line and second line of defense. If you are looking for a knife with many uses you may be best off using a multi-tool with blades included.

These multi-tools include screwdrivers, pliers, scissors, and more. A small Swiss army knife is the most basic form, but larger Leatherman will increase the usefulness of the item.


Whether you decide to keep a small pocket torch or flashlight keychain, this tool can be very helpful in a number of scenarios. Are you missing at night or having trouble simple flashlight cars can be a very useful tool.

In case your car breaks down, you can use a flashlight to signal other drivers that you are in trouble. Repair the car at night near impossible without some light to see what you are doing. A flashlight is also a great basic safety measure in the suburbs.