SMS marketing otherwise known as mobile marketing is an effective marketing tool used nowadays to promote products through mobile phones. Earlier, sending bulk SMS had a negative impact because businesses used cold database and started spamming the receivers. 

But nowadays thanks to the guidelines set by the network providers SMS marketing in Misr has evolved as an important marketing tool. And today millions of text messages are being sent to pass on promotional contents to customers and prospects. 

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As the Short Message Service is used mainly to alert customers regarding new product launches, special offers and freebies, it is gaining recognition among the customers. It has been almost a decade since the first text message was sent via mobile phone but only now SMS software is being used by entrepreneurs to promote their products and services. 

The reason for this sudden shift is that most of the traditional marketing strategies such as banners are not productive in today's competitive marketing arena.

Before starting your SMS campaign, you need to first determine the best ways to kick off your campaign. Usually, there are two ways namely bulk SMS service providers and SMS software through which you will be able to make use of SMS for your marketing campaign.