While travelling to any city the most important things that people need to take care of is the accommodation. Your accommodation is the basic arrangement but surely cost you much more than expected. In such cases short term rentals are the best accommodations that people are opting for. These rentals are very cheap and affordable. With the price that they offer you can easily extend your vacation or stay for as many days as you want. If you are looking for short term rentals for your stay, make sure to check the backgrounds properly, check everything about illegal Airbnb at Harmari STR

While talking about short term rental where most of the people are happy to use the service some of them might have other thoughts. 

Here are the pros and cons of short term rentals. 


– These are affordable and cheap and so you can easily enjoy your vacation or stays without any high expenses. 

– These accommodations are very comfortable and luxurious. You will get everything that you need in your own room. 

– These accommodations are like home away from home. You do not need to struggle or compromise for basic things. Sometimes you get WIFI access and food facilities included in your rental cost. 


– Short term rentals are at a very high demand. You might not be able to book your accommodation on the spot. You need to check the availability before due to high tourism.

– You might not get everything that you prefer. Sometimes a few adjustments need to be made. You might see one accommodation with half of the things you want and the other accommodations with the other half. So you need to decide which is more comfortable and less adjusting. 

– You will not get the services like that of a hotel. Room services are not that much available in short term rental stays.