If you are currently thinking about getting a brand new car, however, you don't have enough funds to pay in cash or to get top monthly obligations, or you want to find yourself a brand new car then renting is a fantastic choice for you personally. If you want to lease a car in California then you can consult LeaseZilla.

lease a car

However, it isn't easy to select which car to rent and what is the better price for you, so it wouldn't hurt to find out what would be the vehicles that were leased the most. One thing that you should see when renting, is that it pertains to foreign cars, and also the fact that it has high resale value.

Certainly one of the best prices out there clearly was leasing a Smart For Two, that is rented for $99 a month, with a $999 downpayment. It is a car that is fantastic for driving around town and has low maintenance costs, although it's really a small vehicle.

Still another cheap rental could be a Kia Soul. You may have this noodle for $170 a month, for a span of three decades, and also a 1,999 down payment. The Mini Cooper is also a fantastic solution for leasing, especially for younger drivers. It will cost you $296 a month, for a time period of 48 weeks, that's better than paying for the full cost of $18,500.

Since leasing is cheaper from the brief duration and more and more people decide to lease a vehicle instead of buying one, it may be a very good idea to take a look at these cars and lease one of them, then return it in a couple of years and find one.