If your pet suffers from dog separation anxiety and also you also would like to urgently do something about this, then this guide will help. Did you know 75 percent of dogs that are rescued or adopted suffer from separation anxiety? 

What most owners don't understand is the fact that this problem doesn't cure itself and it will not require actions on the part. There are some tips that will get you on track to repairing this annoying problem. You can even consult Edinburgh Dog Behaviour for various services related to the dog's problem.


The first thing to appreciate about dog separation stress is that your furry friend isn't mad at you. Your pet is simply as anxious as you left and he does not understand how to manage the change. Fully understanding what is going on in your pet's mind could be the first measure to fully solve the issue.

What you should do if you think that nothing is working, is go see your pet dog behavioral specialist. If you don't have money to pay for this, here's what you may expect (what they will let you know ). 

This veterinary physician will likely provide your puppy a drug to calm down her. Then they will tell you a behavior modification intended to start following. From the plan, it'll probably focus on having the dog sleep before you leave. 

This can be accomplished by carrying your dog for a walk before leaving your home. For many dogs, it is sometimes a good idea to set them in a breeder cage following the walk to avoid property devastation as you are away.