Safer Internet Day is a global campaign that promotes the Internet safer and healthier for everyone to use. It is organized by Insafe and co-founded by the European Union and encourages the responsible use of the internet, online technologies, and online services.

As more people get access to the internet and more generations of people who connect online, internet security issues are on the rise. People older than ever to access the internet, join social media sites, and engage in online communities. You can know more on two factor authentication 2fa from

The majority of internet sites and internet login to social media sites to use a strong password that is a combination of static login and password. This static login and password have long been considered safe, but as technology and hackers advance, online security needs for change and progress as well. Two-factor authentication is a great way to increase online security and protect users.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication can be included in every online login session and can be relatively inexpensive to implement. Two-factor authentication is a way to authenticate based on two or more of the three types of factors to identify a person.

The first factor would be something the user knows; the second factor would be something the user has. By combining devices such as mobile phones, which most users already have, there is no need for additional hardware to deploy and extra hardware for users to carry around.

Two-factor authentication can help users protect their personal information by helping to thwart unauthorized users from accessing their accounts.

Using two-factor authentication with a login and a password is sent to the mobile device is effective because there are two layers of security present. The first layer will log in and password and the second layer will be a one-time password that is sent to the mobile device for user authentication.