The majority of modern carpets and furniture are coated with stain and dirt shields when they're new. This will help to resist the stains that develop in time. Regular cleaning is a great way to keep your upholstery and carpet in good condition for a long duration, but it could decrease the amount of protection this stain-resistant layer gives. 

The reason behind this is that some of the more powerful chemical cleaners used on these surfaces are also able to degrade this protective layer and make the carpet fibers susceptible to dirt and staining. You can also look for the best carpet and upholstery cleaner via

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The protection process will be accomplished by spraying a specific treatment on the upholstery or carpet that creates a barrier that prevents liquids and stains from getting into the fabric. The most popular type of treatment is using Polymer or a variant of Teflon. This barrier can prevent staining since it causes liquids that spill onto the carpet to be adsorbed and allows you to clean them up before they get a chance to absorb into the carpet.

The good thing is that this protection can be applied easily to restore the supple layer that shields your carpet. The process is usually carried out by an experienced carpet cleaner and is included in an appointment for cleaning your carpet in the majority of cases.