Laser hair removal is a great way to get rid of unwanted body and facial hair without scratches, burns, redness or something like that. Hair extraction treatment is technically known as permanent hair reduction process though not the whole hair removal but not drastically reduces the need for shaving or hair waxing.

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Do not unplug or wax in advance

target laser hair pigment, therefore, important for the hair to be present in the follicle so that removal can be done effectively. Waxing, tweezing or something like that should be avoided.

Not all hair types can be lasered

not all hair is the same in the eyes of a large ipl machine. The laser does not target itself but the pigment in the hair then there is a special laser which works mainly on the tone of dark hair and thus safe for them.

Skip the tanning first

tanning makes the skin colour closer to the colour of hair that makes it difficult for the laser beam to make a distinction between the skin and hair. 

Laser removal is not total hair removal

According to the FDA-approved treatment involves the process of hair reduction but the treatment is not complete abolition. Therefore, the hair that grows after the treatment is essentially thinner, lighter in tone and very small, almost invisible to the naked eye. 

Irritation after normal is laser treatment

Considering you're holding a pulsed beam of intense light to the sensitive parts of the skin, you can experience some redness and irritation in some parts of your body that is also quite natural. 

Therefore, keep the tips given above in mind, you can also try the best treatment at home with the help of ipl handset.