Sometimes choosing the right colors lipstick that can suit us becomes really confusing. But it is possible to determine the right color lipstick using some simple online quizzes and trying different shades. 

Your skin color, eye color and hair color determine your look and it plays a very important role in the lip shade that can look best on your face. There are a wide range of lipstick options available in the market. You can choose from hot glitter pink to bold red via

How to Choose the Right Lipstick Color for Your Skin Tone - 2020 ...

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Some people are partial towards hot pink because it makes them feel great. If you are partial towards the hot pink with glitter then there is nothing wrong in applying this shade.

You need to know that day-time lipsticks are usually lighter, natural-looking and less shiny. Whereas night-time lipsticks are usually characterized by brilliant darker glamorous sheen shades. 

Women usually use lighter and matte shade lipstick for the workplace. Matte lipstick serves a more sophisticated and professional look. It also compliments the formal wear and enhances your natural looks.

If you are a model or you usually like to take photographs then dark shades can make you look bold and attractive. If you choose dark backgrounds then you need to apply deeper and rich colors lipstick.