With advances in laser technology, tattoos are not necessarily the lifelong commitment they used to be. However, this does not mean that laser tattoo works together for everyone or every tattoo. In order to have realistic expectations for how well the laser treatments can remove your tattoo, you should consider the issues outlined here.

Understanding Laser Basics

Laser technology uses an intense laser beam to break up the tattoo pigment. As the rest of tattoo ink particles become smaller, the body's natural system flush the ink out. Due to the way lasers work on tattoos, some people and tattoos make better candidates for laser removal than others. If you are looking for laser tattoo removal in Charlotte then you visit this site: https://www.artofmedicinedirect.com/services/tattoo-removal/ 

Which Tattoos Respond Best to Laser Removal

Most tattoos can be removed or have their appearance significantly reduced using laser tattoo removal. One issue to consider is when the tattoo was done. Over the past decade, the inks used have become stronger, which means they are harder to remove. As a result, tattoos that are more than 10 years old will probably respond better to removal treatment.

Regardless of when the tattoo was done, some colours are easier to remove than others. The laser beams hone in on contrasts, so the darker the ink colour, the easier it is to remove. Reds and yellows are more difficult to remove and may require more treatment sessions than tattoos with other colours. Furthermore, a multicoloured tattoo will always require multiple treatment sessions because different ink colours respond to different laser wavelengths.