With farming and agriculture, land quality is a determining factor in the wellbeing of the plants. If the soil is full of nutrients and organic substance, then you may have wholesome areas along with a good harvest. 

There's a very long list of minerals and nutrients found in soil that do amazing things for growth. But, there are equally many unhealthy chemicals that could be found through soil chemistry testing

Listed here are a few methods to soil test in the home for generalized knowledge, or to observe indicators that will point you towards specialist soil testing and therapeutic measures.


Judging the potency of your land is the simplest test, it is only a matter of understanding your soil. Just grab a moist soil and squeeze it into your hands. If the dirt falls apart instantly, your land is a sandy nature. 

That means it won't be as inclined to maintain nutrients. While not always a bad thing, it may prove a problem concerning sustaining life. 

If the soil stays together in a clump, your dirt is chemical-rich. Yet more, this isn't always a fantastic thing nevertheless, it's a sign that you may want to have to understand what these compounds are via specialist soil testing.