The very first thing must be established is that were your forefathers(s), that had been the final Italian born taxpayer on your family line. 

If this man was a parent, grand-parent, or great-great grandparents you might already technically become an Italian citizen since birth, and simply must officially be known as such. 

The warning is that your ascendant should have been living and a citizen on/after the formation of Italy as we understand it now following the unification on March 17th, 1861.

To get more information about italian citizenship by descent, you can visit The next bit of advice to ascertain is whether your ancestor ever naturalized as a citizen of the new state. 

italian citizenship by descent

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We'll look at an example of somebody whose great grandfather was that individual's "link" to Italy. The question to answer is, did your great grandfather become an American citizen and if yes, was that the purchase of this new citizenship before or after the birth of your grandparent?

In case your great-grandfather naturalized in the USA in 1920 and your grandfather had been created in 1921, then you'd not be entitled to submit a claim for Italian citizenship by descent by means of this family line.

But if your great grandfather got citizenship in 1920 however, your grandfather had been born in 1919, then your grandfather could in reality have already been born an Italian citizen and might have been one of his entire life.

The main reason it is very important to confirm these customs would be because until 1992, Italian citizenship has been distinctive and it wasn't permitted for a Italian to possess dual-nationality. Although, after 1992, Italy altered the law and enabled citizens to have several citizenships.