There are many reasons why the inflatable rental business for children's parties is a great business opportunity to work from home. Here are some of the most important:

* You can simply start your business with a phone line, some advertising such as fliers, and a single inflatable. Choose a name for your new business and make sure you are operating within the regulations of your area. Now you are ready to go!

You can rent inflatable games in Montreal by visiting this site at

Rental of inflatable structures 

* Overhead costs are usually low, focusing mostly on insurance costs (about 10% of the cost of rent) and costs for supplies (gasoline, vehicle expenses). You will also require a place to store your equipment if your garage is full.

* The return on investment can be very fast. Rents are usually 5% of the cost of the inflatable game (for a $ 3,000 inflatable, you can charge $ 150 per 4-hour rental). This means that what you paid for your inflatable is returned in just 20 rentals. If you consider renting your inflatable game twice a week, you will have your money back in two and a half months!

* High-quality inflatables when taken care of properly, will last longer than the cheaper ones, and your profits will multiply.

* If you have very good quality inflatables, it will not be bad times, since they will work perfectly and will be in very good condition, compared with the cheap ones. This means your inflatables will be at your customers' parties making money and not laying around waiting for repairs.

* Word of mouth advertising is very common in this business, as parents get to see what kind of inflatable is used at every party.

* Children are everywhere, so there are potential customers everywhere! School events, day-care events, summer camps, church events, birthday parties, store openings, fundraisers, festivals, street fairs, and family gatherings. There are endless possibilities…

* As your business grows, you can add more inflatables and additional services such as temporary tattoos, clowns, fun food equipment, carnival games, and more.