Home automation systems make life so easy. Now you can simply click on the icon assigned to a specific device in your home. You can check the status of tasks by checking the security camera monitor. 

On the go, you can access your home automation system via your PDA or personal digital assistant. All you have to do is slide the knob to turn on the garage light or the porch light to welcome you home. 

There are various advanced home automation systems are available today. If you want, you can also turn on the air conditioner or coffee maker in the same way. The wireless remote control can be used once it is near your house to open the garage door or disable the security system.

Home automation systems can perform security tasks. You can make your home livable by setting special timers on your lights or TV when you're not at home. So you can rest easy knowing that a home automation system keeps your home safe. Wireless or wired security systems can be used for home security. 

Wired security systems are less expensive but take longer to install; It's hard to hide wires to keep them looking clean. Wired security systems can be installed in new building systems and are more reliable than wireless systems.

However, wireless security systems are easier to install and flexible to control. Using a wireless receiver, transmitter and controller makes operation very convenient. In this way, sensors can also be placed in remote or hard-to-reach places without installing new cables. Wireless systems make confusing cabling redundant and are therefore very popular.