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Army Surplus Products Review

Army surplus can be used for camping, household work, or other outdoor recreational activities. Army surpluses are very affordable to purchase. They can be used for many years because they are durable and sturdy. If you want to purchase an army surplus at fair rates, check this link right here now. 


Keep reading this article to know more about army surplus. Combat trousers are great for long or short hikes, shoot-out games, and other outdoor adventures. Army surplus has also gained popularity among trend enthusiasts. Maintain something for fashion, and for actions.

Military boots or army boots are great for mountain roads and for shoot-outs. These combat footwear are very comfortable when used and worn for action and adventure.

Camping gear? They will need to, even though there aren't any plans to stay out for a night or two. Rucksack would be excellent for people who hate the trouble of installing Tux. Water containers, knives, and other essential items should also not be forgotten. Going for an outdoor adventure means getting prepared, even a minute's unplanned and overnight choice.

These outdoor adventures are compulsory that can not be possible without amazing gear. Army surplus store sells products (old or new) at the lowest cost without compromising with the quality. From head equipment, combat pants, army boots, rucksacks, and other camping gear, you can buy anything that suits your needs. Quality can be ensured to customers as most of the products are from the builder supply, and are thoroughly quality assessed. Choose from the excess of Grade 1 and Grade 2 military – these indicate how great their quality is. 

Finding Military Surplus Israeli M15 Gas Mask with Filter Grade 1

An instant collectible military, authentic Israeli Military Surplus Gas Mask M15 is the perfect conversation piece and in a condition that has not been issued and is equipped with a filter. After a standard issue for the troops of Israel, today is an important gas mask for military collectors worldwide. 

The typical voice mitter, eyepieces plastic cylinder and including NATO 40mm filter, making this gas mask which is unusual, but highly sought-after item. A drinking canteen integrated system allows users to access their cafeteria without it contaminated.

It weighs only 1.88 lbs and with a total of 5 adjustable straps make this mask is very adjustable and comfortable to wear. You can buy armed grade gas masks from various online sources. These are designed to protect the eyes and face, this gas mask features impact-resistant lenses along.



  • Safe five head strap harness
  • voice mitter center for clear communication
  • Including drinking canteen system
  • NATO 40mm filter included

Note: This is a collection of large military and is not intended for emergency use.

Grade 1: Very good for New / not yet published – Military Surplus Gas Mask Israeli M15 is 100% genuine and assessed in very good to / un-published new conditions. Products may be beyond the original manufacturers' packaging, but they will show signs of minimal or no wear.

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