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Tag: Frozen Chicken

New Food Safety Rules For Restaurants And Suppliers

The regulations for food transport and storage are getting stricter due to the increasing exchange of exotic products between countries, but also because of evidence from a recent study in the European Union that shows how 11% of the products offered have been tested and the distribution sector.

Food, restaurants and hotels do not comply with current laws. Raw fish is a clear example of the importance of food safety over the past decade for suppliers and restaurants. You can also opt for frozen chickens for sale at

The development of exotic restaurants and the increasing demand for raw fish dishes such as sushi and sashimi have led to new regulations in some countries that require all fish to be frozen for at least 24 hours.

Such measures apply not only to fish but also to other types of food such as seafood in all restaurants, hotels and food establishments such as shipping and logistics, a very complicated process phase due to changing temperatures and unstable transportation conditions.

Transport conditions are carefully monitored to maintain optimal temperatures, ensuring that harmful enzymes and microorganisms do not thrive.

Transport of goods is always a critical time as weather conditions are not always helpful, especially in the summer when it is critical that machinery and equipment operate at their maximum operating efficiency.

For example, frozen fishery product should be transported at -18 degrees and must not be between buffer temperatures above -15 degrees at any time during operation. For frozen meat, the travel temperature should be -1 degree and the maximum tolerance -7.

A Simplified Factsheet About Antibiotic-Free Chicken

If you follow health portals on the Internet, you are probably familiar with the debate about prohibiting antibiotics.

Chicken remains the main source of protein for meat lovers and is the only choice for those who do not eat pork, beef and other types of red meat.

In this post, we will discuss some important aspects of chicken products and why you should choose a brand that does not use antibiotics. You can also choose healthy  frozen chickens for sale online.

Basics at a glance

To maintain animal health and prevent disease, most chicken farms use antibiotics to raise chickens. What people don't know is the fact that some veterinary drugs are not even classified as antibiotics, but often fall into the same category.

Antibiotics such as coccidiostats can prevent many diseases caused by protozoan parasites. When you hear the phrase "antibiotic free chicken" it means meat has no antibiotic residue due to long waiting times.

In order for a brand to claim to sell antibiotic-free chicken, it must comply with a set of rules and regulations set by the government of that country or practiced by other farms around the world.

The small price difference certainly worries some buyers, but the benefits are of course far more important. Start by making a difference and you will change the world for the better too. First, look for some local brands that are being bought and available for any order.

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