Eighty percent of the population has back problems, so it's a very important issue. Every back pain is different or unique in its own way. Every patient needs to understand what makes symptoms worse and what makes pain relief or relief. That's very important to understand.

The body will heal itself too, but you have to give it the right environment to heal. Medications can provide temporary relief but are not always directed at the underlying problem. You can also look for a chiropractor in Madison by clicking at:

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The first thing you need to understand is the causes that are exacerbating the problem or exacerbating the problem and then eliminate those causes.

The first concept to consider is whether your back is sensitive to strenuous activities (such as standing, sitting, bending, walking, etc.) and if the load is sensitive you should avoid this position. So keep asking yourself, is this making my problem worse? If so, I need to lower the load on my spine to relieve back pain.

Loading and unloading can be done lying down, either on your stomach, on your side, or on your back – any of these positions are comfortable.

In physiotherapy, I often use manual or mechanical traction for my patients. This is similar to using an inversion mass to disassemble and relieve the spine – it basically takes the pressure off of the joints, intervertebral discs, nerves, and local structures.

The second important point to remember is whether static position or movement makes the problem worse. If static postures such as sitting or standing in one position make the pain worse, it's best to leave that position and move around often.