Window sealing is the process of applying sealant to window joints in order to make them waterproof and weatherproof. There are many types of window joints. To make each joint watertight, you will need the appropriate sealant.

Window caulking is a four-step process, Inspection, Cleaning Surface Preparation, and Application. You can know more about window caulking services via The four steps are briefly explained which are performed by Window Caulking services.

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Any caulking service is started with a visual leak inspection. Often, the visual inspection takes place at the same moment as the technicians perform the caulking service. If the leak is not apparent, a water test will be required to determine the source of the water intrusion. You will need to expose different sections of your windows to a 5 minute 5LFT spray water. 


The second step is to remove the old caulk. The old window caulk must be removed if it is cracked or has delaminating. We can now thoroughly clean the joint and remove any old sealant or loose pieces.

Surface preparation

The thickness of the sealant must be considered next. ATo avoid excessive thickness and waste of sealant, backers rod should not be used for joints greater than 1/2 inch. Window sealants that are too thick will have less flexibility, which can lead to cracks and failure.


Now it is time to seal the window frames. It is important to apply the sealant evenly. It is crucial to have the right tools in order to ensure that window caulk adheres and is evenly distributed.

The weatherproofing services are essential for summer. Caulking provides these services throughout the year. Window caulking will keep outside air out and inside air in your home. It is vital to maintain the indoor air quality in your home.