Engine block heaters are often used in areas with severe winters. Starting a cold engine can cause problems and ultimately cause unnecessary wear on the engine block. They are easy to find in all parts of the country and can be purchased from any auto parts dealer. If you are planning to have one engine block heater you can navigate to this website to look at some.

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The engine block heater is connected to standard AC power at one end and is fed by a grid at the other. The idea is that this heater keeps the cooler warm so it can be started easily in the morning. 

This not only helps to safeguard your car during winter, it can also reduce pollution by reducing the estimated time it will take for the engine to run before the fuel is warm enough to start properly. There are different types of heaters to keep your car warm at night.

Heater with dipstick

A dipstick heater is placed where the measuring stick is usually placed. This will keep the oil warm. This will prevent the oil from thickening and settling in very cold weather. They are very effective and cheap. Anyone can install it without much help.


Radiator hose heaters are not as common as other types of heaters, but they are still effective. They are glued to the top hose of the radiator and heat the coolant from here. They are the easiest to install, requiring only a screwdriver and access to the pipe.

Block heater

This is the most efficient type of heater available, but it also tends to be expensive compared to other heating types. They plug directly into the engine block and keep coolant and oil warm. They are made for specific car models but can be found or ordered online or at any auto parts store.