Almost instinctively, we all wake up in the morning and want to look good on the outside. The reason for this is that we want to make a good first impression. Building signs give your first impression of hundreds of pairs of eyes moving from your company location.

There are many types of building signs. Many of them have been painted in the past. But with the advent of computer-aided manufacturing, they have become bigger and more attractive. You can easily avail the benefits of building signs in Australia via

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Building signs that don't light up are easier. The most common non-luminous mark is 2 pounds. Foam with an acrylic face. No one in the world can see what the letters are made of, so foam offers a durable and economical way to create great-looking characters. Shield Clemente likes to put tape on the sides to scare off birds, which often like to peck.

An even better option is printed metal letters. We use aluminum, which is light, durable and, most importantly, rust-resistant. Enamel stands up well to these marks and looks great. When it comes to neon lights, neon and LED lights are two great options. LEDs have gone downhill and are much more economical in terms of energy savings and ease of installation; hardly worth running with neon. 

There are options for every budget and every architectural need when it comes to building signs. What matters for your decision is the appearance you want, your budget, and the requirements for your property's billboard.