Above-ground pools are very popular among the masses because of their nominal price, easy installation, and maintenance. Also, there is a huge variety of above-ground pools available on the market, which makes the selection process a lot more exciting. If you are planning to buy one such pool for your family, then you better check out reviews of best above ground pools by consumer reports. When you buy and start using an above-ground pool, make sure not to make these 3 mistakes that most above-ground pool owners make.

Mistake 1 – Not installing the pool correctly. Make sure to determine a spacious place for installing the above-ground pool. Take measurements properly before proceeding with the installation. Also, make sure to check the surface, as it should be firm enough to hold the structure in a secure manner.

Mistake 2 – Not learning how to take good care of the pool. Many people are not able to determine why the water filter not working, why the water is green and why are there sinkholes at the bottom of the pool. That is because their above-ground pools are not well taken care of. Keep in mind to keep the pool dry after using it and clean it multiple times a month.

Mistake 3 – Not landscaping around the above-ground pool. It is very important to have a 3 feet area vacant around the pool grass and weed-free. You can do so with the help of landscaping plastic and decorative rocks. Build a barrier and line the inside with plastic that you can fill it with rock. This will keep the grass, and weeds from growing up through the liner. No pests will sneak under the liner of the pool, thus letting you enjoy your time in the water.