The employee attitude survey confirms what managers have long suspected: Employees who feel valued are much more productive. It has been proven that productivity increases profit margins. Companies that take employees for granted do so at their own risk.

Schedule a company custom recognition awards event. Better yet, involve your employees in planning. This is more than just delegating tasks. Your employees will take awards more seriously if they have a say in the making.

How Custom Corporate Awards Can Help You Retain Your Best Employees?

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According to the US Department of Statistics, even amid a recession, more employees are quitting their jobs than are being laid off. Why? The main reason is the lack of recognition.

Today, special days offer the opportunity to identify committed employees. Employee appraisal day, which is relatively new on the calendar, takes place on the first Friday of March.

Administrative Professionals Day is celebrated on Wednesday, the last full week of April. But why wait? Retain your best employees by rewarding them throughout the year.

Make it personal – and leave a lasting impression. Carrying a box of donuts to a staff meeting to honor Anne or John's accomplishments is about 60 seconds of fun. Then you have crumbs left and this is the next agenda.

If collaboration is key to your business, this is your chance to inspire even more. This has the added benefit of enhancing the efforts of the strongest team members and allowing less confident team members to participate more.

To highlight the team and every aspect of success, consider a two-way approach: create a crystal team award that you can show everyone at work. Then price individual acrylics as desktop storage.