There are 101 ways to market your business book. You don't need to wait to finish it. The sooner you start to promote your book to others, the more motivated it will be to finish.

Too many people wait for their book to be published before doing any marketing. They wonder why they don’t have the right strategies to sell their book and then struggle to use it effectively as a marketing tool to get more clients.

Let me show you some online strategies you can use at different stages of your book's release to market it online. You can find the best business books online via

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Book pre-launch

Tell others that you're writing your book before it is even begun. This will likely be done online via social media and your newsletter list. It's great to be asked how your book will help you focus.

Ask for feedback from the people you tell. Ask people to take a survey to find out what they think about your book.

Book launch

After you have published your book, an Amazon launch can be a great way for people to get excited. These are some simple tips that will make your launch a success. It is important to have many people help you promote your book on a specific day. Also, give away great bonuses to people who sign up.

Book post-launch

After you have published your book, the online marketing of your book isn't over. The strategies mentioned above can be continued.