For true blue wine fans, having many of their favorite wine bottles at home is not enough; They need to have rooms where they can store these bottles. And when someone has too much bottle at home, a room is needed to save it: a wine cellar. If you have a (and budget) room to have your own wine cellar at home, here are the design tips that you can follow:

Layout: Just as when designing a room at home, the layout takes primordial consideration. Actually, there are various ways to design layouts for the basement. However, the basic thing to remember is that the bottle must be placed on their side. 

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This is to prevent oxidation or the addition of oxygen into the liquid. The layout will also depend on the number of bottles you want to place there. The more bottles you have in your collection, the more shelves you need. 

The collection: if your intention for your underground warehouse is not only for storage but to display your very good and spacious collection, you can also design it in a grouped manner based on certain classifications. 

Temperature: Of course, the temperature in the basement must be stored at the optimal level to maintain the wine profile. Depending on the climate of your home location, you might need to install a climate control system in the basement to maintain the temperature level.

Location: Most of the wine cellars are built underground to reduce the swing temperature. To simulate underground conditions, you can build a basement for your vino below the surface of the ground in your home.