The conversion process resets the transmission to the latest possibility (original equipment manufacturer). Most of the internal komatsu transmission parts are replaced and all worn parts are returned to original production specifications. Maintenance bulletins are reviewed and run. 

Re-manufactured komatsu gearboxes are fully tested and usually come with a 3 year or more warranty. There are several brands of remanufactured transmissions sold by auto parts stores and auto repair shops. You can buy durable komatsu transmission kits online to replace the old parts.

The transfers used tend to be long and there are no guarantees. In addition, the correct make, model, engine size and computer coded transmission must be installed in your vehicle. 

You are often responsible for labor costs (several hundred dollars) and fluid costs from removal and installation if the first device does not function properly. For every module that doesn't work, the cost of installing a junk device is doubled. If the device is found to have a long lifespan (no way to know), it will crash any time.

Try to get as much information as possible when selecting options. There are many honest hardware stores and remanufactured equipment companies. But remember one last piece of information: "Cheaper isn't always better.