Breast cancer is one cancer killer who is very frightening for women. According to WHO, about 8-9% of women will experience breast cancer in her life. However, until now it's still not known exactly what causes breast cancer. Breast cancer is a malignant tumor that grows in the breast tissue. 

The cancer cans begin to grow in the milk glands, milk ducts, fatty tissue and connective tissue in the breast. The best breast specialist in Sydney can treat this at an early stage.

There are several things that can increase the risk of breast cancer, including age, medical history, heredity, hormonal factors such as first menstruation, unhealthy lifestyle such as frequently eating foods that contain fat evil and many contain chemicals or alcoholic beverages, smoking, and lack of exercise.

The initial symptom of this disease is usually characterized by the appearance of lumps in the breast area. In the early stages if the lump is driven by a finger, then the lump will move under the skin. 

Other symptoms that may be found are the emergence of a lump in the armpit, change in breast size or shape, resulting pain in the breasts, and sometimes will be marked with nipple discharge. One way of preventing breast cancer is getting a healthy diet.