Are you looking to restore or maintain the brick facade or wall in Sydney? Consider professional Tuckpointing then. Since 1987, such professionals have helped clients keep their homes in good condition and preserve the historic value of brick structures by providing the reporting, and tuckpointing services.

Tuckpointing is usually applied to the exterior of a building. It provides a clean, refreshed appearance to the brickwork. This process requires the elimination of mortar, the infusion of a fresh mortar 'flush joint, and then applying an elevated line that is placed onto an existing flush joint.

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This type of service provides structural integrity as well as stunning aesthetics. It is usually an option for brick repair option which homeowners seek out when trying to increase the value of their homes.

If you are looking for a repair to your brick wall in Sydney to stop the wall from falling or becoming damaged and deteriorating, then repointing is likely the best choice for you.

This repair will strengthen joint mortars and improve the structural strength of the wall without the need for the second mortar line. Tuckpointing is considered to be the most effective option for aesthetic reasons, the experts always work to ensure that the repointing job looks amazing, too.